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We are waiting for you

We are always dedicated to the development of talents.

So if you have the same aspiration and concept of living , join us with infinite possibilities.

Posts Wanted

We are looking for talents with same aspiration and concept of living.


Online Pharmacist

  • Service-oriented
  • Good sales skill
  • Professional knowledge
  • Able to deal with the unexpected situation

Website Operation

  • Able to analyze website data
  • Make monthly and annual sales
  • Sensitive about the market trend
  • Know customer psychology


  • Familiar with different writing formats
  • Sensitive about words
  • Excellent writing skill and wild imagination

Offline Engineer

  • Expertise skill for the job
  • Acute observation
  • Relevant medical background and qualification
  • Strong manifestation skill
Learn and Development

We provide learning and training programs in different career stages for the overall development of our team.

Internship program
Rotation in different posts
Experience sharing
Team support and tutoring
Training and relocation study
Cross-department cooperation
Flexible Working Hours
We help our staff to keep a good balance between life and work. They can adjust their work on their own to increase working efficiency and sense of happiness.
Flexible Working Hours
Compensatory Off-Work
Salary And Benefits
We care about about our employees and satisfy their individual demands.

Shui Yu Medical Technology Co., Ltd


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